Writing Away

  I am posting this during a stay at the Martha’s Vineyard Writers’ Residency in Edgartown, Mass.  Between trips to the waterfront, strolls past gleaming white ship-captain’s houses built in the 1840s, sharing meals with amazing new writer-friends, and dashing out for Mad Martha’s ice cream I have churned out zillions of words.  Some of them are good, some are garbage … [Read more…]

Romance, Literary Fiction, or Sex in the West: What kind of novel did I write, anyway?

This piece is about finding your niche by seeing what other people think it is. I love the old movie, “Romancing the Stone.”  The action-comedy starred Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito, but it was Kathleen Turner as the klutzy but determined romance novelist Joan Wilder who steals the show.  In the opening scene we are … [Read more…]

STEVENSON’S TREASURE: A “sinful mad business” or following the heart?

Robert Louis Stevenson, hero of my novel, willingly risked family disapproval, being disowned, rejection from friends and editors, and life itself to follow the love of his life, unhappily married Fanny Osbourne, to California.  Was this “sinful mad business” as his father put it, or having the courage to follow his heart?  Please click the … [Read more…]

Launching a Novel: Moonshot or Catapult?

The argument started when my wife showed me the e-vites she was about to send out for a party to celebrate the publication of STEVENSON’S TREASURE.  “I like everything except calling this a Launch Party,” I said, carefully. Her soft brown eyes looked a little bit hurt. “The invitations are beautiful,” I hastily reassured, “everything … [Read more…]