stevensons-treasure-coverEricHofferFinalistImageI write about the quirky, private lives of famous authors of the past.  My favorites are those who did not claim to have figured out the world, but could laugh at it — and at themselves. Robert Louis Stevenson, who risked everything for Fanny Osbourne, the woman whose photograph graces the cover of my novel, possessed these qualities in abundance.  When the young, unknown writer met an American art student in France, sparks flew and a fire soon burned brightly. 

I invite you to enjoy this novel, STEVENSON’S TREASURE which tells the story of their early, forbidden relationship, how it almost died but was reclaimed in a wild, against-all-odds journey to California by the twenty-nine-year-old Scot, a journey that launched his sensational career.

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“Drawing on prime sources, Wiederanders’ debut novel captures both the depth and charm of one of the Belle Epoch’s most unique couples; an absolutely sparkling read.” — Persia Woolley, author of The Guinevere Trilogy.